Southern Cold Storage

Gadsden, Alabama

  • Industry: Food
  • Markets: Public Refrigerated Warehouse
  • Services: Design, Construction, Building Envelope
  • Type of Facility: Cold-storage distribution center
  • Size: 70,778 SF
  • Method: Design-Build

This cold-storage distribution facility is physically connected to Keystone Foods’ poultry processing plant via a 100-foot refrigerated corridor. Rather than being temporarily stored in pallet racks in a holding freezer and then shipped, Keystone Foods’ finished goods are simply palletized and moved on a conveyor through the connecting corridor and into the cold-storage facility.

The conveyance tunnel between the plant and the distribution center is refrigerated and provides proper air balance to ensure efficient temperature control. The facility’s floor consists of a shrinkage-compensating concrete slab, which significantly reduces floor joints, decreasing wear and tear and lowering overall maintenance costs. A Quell Fire Sprinkler System, which does not rely on in-rack sprinklers or anti-freeze, was also installed.


Todd Allsup

Vice President, Sales, Food Group

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