Alachua, Florida

  • Industry: Food
  • Markets: Public Refrigerated Warehouse
  • Services: Planning, Design, Construction
  • Type of Facility: Freezer and dry-storage warehouse
  • Size: 460,000 SF
  • Method: Design-Build

This freezer and dry-storage warehouse features a rail spur in the center of the building and a 207,000 square-foot ammonia-refrigerated warehouse.

It also includes a 184,000 square-foot dry warehouse; 40,000 square-foot administration building (with restrooms, locker rooms, break rooms, waiting room and offices); 30,000 square-foot maintenance garage and fuel island (allowing for on-site service to transportation vehicles with a lube system, fueling system, exhaust system and truck wash); guardhouse (includes a large parking area and trucker’s restroom); rail staging area; dock office; and a machine room for refrigerated equipment.

In the event of a major hurricane, the facility is designed to continue operations and withstand equipment damage. Additionally, the site required extensive grout injection in the soil to prevent movement of the buildings in a region known for caverns, springs and sinkholes.


Todd Allsup

Vice President, Sales, Food Group

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