COVID-19 Updates

Fighting the Spread of COVID-19

Stellar’s effort to flatten the COVID-19 curve nationwide is our top priority. The health and safety of our employees, customers and subcontractors are of utmost importance. To that end, we will be posting updated COVID-19 health and safety signage at all offices and job sites. Laminated, enlarged signs will be distributed to Jacksonville locations and expedited to our regional offices and job sites nationwide over the course of the next week.

Signs serve as a reminder of the CDC guidelines to help limit exposure to COVID-19, and prohibit the presence of individuals on Stellar offices or job sites who:

  • Have been diagnosed with COVID-19
  • Have had any symptoms of COVID-19 in the past 2 weeks (fever, cough, shortness of breath) or are in a household with anyone who has been exposed
  • Have been exposed to an individual who you suspect has or had COVID-19
  • Traveled internationally any time since March 1, 2020

Signs also reinforce healthy habits recommended by the CDC, which include:

  • Cover your cough or sneeze using your elbow
  • Wash your hands often and for at least 20 seconds with soap
  • Don’t touch your face
  • Remain 6 feet from other people

We can all play a positive role in keeping each other healthy and limiting exposure. Let’s fight the spread of COVID-19 together.


MARCH 31, 2020

As we navigate these challenging times together, it's important for you to know that we remain committed to your needs and will continue to provide you with crucial support and services now and in the future.

In every crisis there are learning opportunities, and this pandemic is no different. We are employing innovative ways to continue providing essential services:

  • Enhancing Safety Protocols – the safety of your project, and the safety of our workforce and supplier network are our key concern. In response to COVID-19 we've added strict guidelines to ensure all office and field staff as well as our key suppliers are following the CDC recommendations for improved hygiene, social distancing and eliminating unnecessary travel.

  • Continuing collaboration with project teams and field staff to effectively respond to pandemic interference which may impact project schedules; we are also maintaining employee efficiency utilizing a remote workforce which should only enhance our service offering when this crisis passes.

  • Improving communication assuring that your needs are being met, using virtual technology to communicate directly with you our customer as well as with our workforce and partners to keep your project moving forward.

Like you, we are reacting to this new normal and are continuously seeking solutions that will drive more value in the future. On behalf of all of us at Stellar, we want to thank you for your trust and hope you and your family are safe and your business is successfully adjusting to this ever changing world.

Please let us know if there is anything we can do to help.


MARCH 18, 2020

The global Coronavirus pandemic COVID-19 is affecting all of our families, businesses, communities, and our day-to-day activities at home and at work. Our focus at Stellar continues to be on providing excellent customer service while balancing the well-being of our work family to minimize the continued spread of this virus. We are fortunate that no Stellar employee or family member has tested positive at this point in time, and we remain vigilant in taking all precautions available.

In addition to following government mandates, we have taken other pro-active steps within our facilities and job sites that include:

  • Having sanitizer stations readily available throughout our facilities and job sites.
  • Increasing sanitation in common areas, handrails, doorknobs, etc in all locations.
  • Educating and encouraging proper hygiene practices and social distancing for all employees in the offices and in the field.
  • Eliminating all travel unless it is a customer emergency. Utilizing “Zoom” and other remote technologies to more efficiently conduct our business.
  • Denying visitors other than scheduled service individuals access into our corporate buildings.
  • Encouraging employees to work from home, particularly those with “high risk” profiles.
  • Prohibiting group meetings larger than 10.

We have implemented additional directives to the field leadership to mitigate the spread of the disease to further protect your sites. Field Superintendents and Safety Managers are staying current with recommended procedures, and how these translate to our job site locations. We are working closely with other business partners and subcontractors to ensure proper protocols are being practiced by their teams as well.

In the face of these uncertain circumstances, we at Stellar view this as an opportunity to enhance the methods for the delivery of our services and challenge the status quo of traditional techniques our industry has embedded over time. We accept this opportunity to improve while maintaining our core values of safety, customer service and taking solutions further. We have succeeded through difficult times in the past, and are confident our partnership will grow stronger as we face this challenge together.

As always, we are on standby to meet any needs that you may have. Thank you for your business and continued trust in Stellar!