Introducing the NH360 PSM Software Solution

Stellar offers NH360, a software package consisting of these individually available components:

  • NH360 DPSM (digital PSM)
  • NH360 LMS (Learning Management System)

Now, Stellar helps you remove the ambiguity and uncertainty about compliance with real-time access to industry-leading Process Safety Management (PSM) resources. NH360 is our digital, web-based PSM platform, featuring total PSM or general duty compliance for all EPA, OSHA, and HAS requirements.

With NH360 DPSM, you enjoy seamless access to live customer service, audit assistance, and PSM expertise. The platform’s features provide real-time support for any emergency and routine compliance scenario.

Features include:


  • Document management tools, including version control
  • Preventative maintenance documentation
  • Digitized forms for the IIAR


  • QR-Code compatibility for easy equipment tracking
  • Tracking and management support for training and continuous improvement programs
  • Intuitive tracking and scheduling tools
  • Secure data storage


  • Quick reference dashboards
  • Multi-level access for qualified plant and company personnel
  • Integration with your existing maintenance management software (CMMS)

NH360 Maintenance Advisor & Predictor (NH360 MAP)

Stellar’s NH360 Maintenance Advisor & Predictor (NH360 MAP) provides clients with unprecedented visibility into the health and future performance of their equipment. Featuring an intelligence analytics engine, contextualized reporting on machine health, and predictive problem solving and recommendations, NH360 is your holistic solution for boosting the lifetime value of your business-critical investments.

A 360-Degree View of Equipment Longevity and Performance

NH360 combines insights so your team can make informed, proactive decisions about system performance and maintenance. Its predictive recommendations help your team improve system efficiency and reduce costly production losses and repairs caused by common equipment failures. Advantages of the Stellar NH360 MAP include:

  • Visibility into machine health
  • Reduced energy usage
  • Early resolution of potential future issues
  • Increased maintenance-team efficiency
  • Increased cost savings

Powerful and Intuitive Features for the Whole Team

NH360 MAP is easy to use in any environment. Provide every team member with practical access points to the system through any desktop or mobile device. Instantly visualize operating conditions, time-in-use information, efficiency opportunities, and value-added maintenance tasks without tedious reporting processes common to most solutions.

The NH360 MAP is offered as part of Stellar’s robust NH360 software solution, which also includes Process Safety Management (PSM) software and compliance training features. Transitioning to predictive and prescriptive maintenance solution saves companies hundreds of thousands of dollars annually, and NH360 starts adding value right out of the gate.

Discover how predictive maintenance solutions like Stellar’s NH360 MAP can transform the operational value of your equipment. Contact a predictive maintenance specialist today for a complimentary demonstration.

With Stellar, you can move beyond your compliance concerns and focus on the real work of adding value to your operations.

Contact a Stellar PSM expert today to learn more about our NH360 solution.

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