Nestle - IN
Dairy & Beverage Production Plant

Nestle - IN

Anderson, Indiana
Markets: Refrigeration
Sub Markets: Dairy
Services: Thermal/Building Envelope
Size: 1,000,000 SF
Delivery Methods: Design-Build

This Nestlé plant produces NESQUIK chocolate milk and COFFEE-MATE product lines. The plant’s sustainable features include economizers and restrictions on exhaust emissions for mechanical systems, boiler units, and an HVAC and refrigeration system designed for low-emission operation.

In addition, Nestlé and Stellar used mostly chilled water and very little ammonia as refrigerants to reduce hazardous material; all paint, carpet, sealing and construction materials used in the building are low in volatile organic compounds; 90 percent of the building is made of recycled content; construction waste was recycled; and skylights capture daylight with artificial lighting inside the facility adjusting based on the light coming through the skylights. A wastewater treatment plant on the property takes wastewater from the building, treats it and recycles it as cooling water for the refrigeration systems.

LEED Certified
U.S. Green Building Council
Project Contact
Todd Allsup
Senior Vice President, Business Development