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Todd Allsup, Senior Vice President, Business Development
Dry & Refrigerated Distribution Center

Dot Foods

Cambridge City, Indiana

Stellar designed and built a distribution center consisting of an ammonia refrigeration plant, a dry warehouse, a machine room, offices, a maintenance garage and loading docks. The warehouse is designed for future expansion.

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Dot Foods has partnered with Stellar for more than 10 years on a variety of projects across the country. We have done several projects with Stellar. Some are better than others. At the end of the day, Stellar always steps up to the plate to make sure things are done right. They have consistently completed projects on time and under budget.

Stellar’s teams are reliable – instead of dealing with new faces on every project, we work with the same people who understand our business and how we do things. This stability, across both project management and engineering, saves us considerable time and effort, as we don’t have to educate them on our processes on each new project. It’s a great combination – a partner who is easy to work with, but also focused on quality and value.

Nader Khalil
Corporate Engineering Manager
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Todd Allsup
Todd Allsup
Senior Vice President, Business Development