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Todd Allsup, Senior Vice President, Business Development
Food Processing & Storage

Nestle Food Processing and Warehouse

Jonesboro, Arkansas

The facility includes process areas for meat and frozen entrées, machine and mechanical rooms, a battery-charging room, flex office space, a warehouse, rail docks, racking system, conveyors, bulk storage, shipping doors, a robotic system, and office and welfare areas. The facility is master planned for future process and distribution area expansions.

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Nestlé has had an ongoing business relationship with Stellar for approximately 10 years, and they have successfully completed several major industrial design-build construction projects in various locations ranging from $1 million to $140 million in value. The projects were executed in a professional manner and were delivered within the established schedule and budget. Stellar’s professionals have the experience, knowledge and skill sets necessary to properly design and execute large projects effectively.

Renato Becker
Sr. Project Manager
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Todd Allsup
Todd Allsup
Senior Vice President, Business Development