Sundale Vineyards
Fruit Storage & Distribution Facility

Sundale Vineyards

Tulare, California
Markets: Refrigeration,
Sub Markets: Public Refrigerated Warehouse
Services: Refrigeration
Size: 52,000 SF
Delivery Methods: Design-Build

Stellar designed and built Sundale Vineyard’s new grape pre-cooler and storage facility. This facility consists of two forced-air pre-coolers and three long-term storage rooms. Construction also consists of concrete sandwich wall panels and a concrete double-T roof. In addition, it includes truck docking areas, a receiving canopy and corporate offices. The pre-cooler is designed to cool 30,240 boxes of fruit per day with storage capacity of 243,000 boxes. The facility features a custom-designed computerized control system and state-of-the-art cooling and refrigeration equipment.

Project Contact
Todd Allsup
Senior Vice President, Business Development