Stellar Launches Comprehensive Guide to Facility Optimization

JACKSONVILLE, Fla. (January 13, 2017) — Stellar, a fully integrated firm focused on design, engineering, construction and mechanical services worldwide, has released a new e-book, “Food Facility Efficiency: Assessments 101.” The guide coaches food manufacturers on how a comprehensive analysis of their food plant can benefit their business, including saving money, increasing safety, streamlining production and decreasing risk.

“We hope this guide helps food plant owners improve every step of the supply chain,” said Todd Allsup, VP, Sales, Stellar Food & Beverage Facility Services. “Stellar’s top experts break down the crucial steps for food facility assessments in a comprehensive manner and with real-world examples.”

Ranked one of the top food processing design-build firms in the world, Stellar has a breadth of experience in the food and beverage manufacturing industry, from building award-winning coffee plants, top-of-the-line meat processing plants, innovative bakery facilities, and more.

Powered by 30-plus years of food processing and industry expertise, Stellar has conducted facility assessments for food and beverage companies of various sizes, from small mom-and-pops to international industry giants.

“Food Facility Efficiency: Assessments 101” is available for download on Stellar’s website.

About Stellar

Stellar is a fully integrated design, engineering, construction and mechanical services firm that provides the industry’s most comprehensive range of self-performed services, including planning, design, preconstruction, construction, refrigeration, mechanical and utility, building envelope, and total operations and maintenance services. More than 600 Stellar employees worldwide create award-winning food processing plants, refrigerated warehouses, distribution centers, commercial buildings and military facilities. In addition to its Jacksonville, Florida, headquarters and its Western Region office in Modesto, California, Stellar operates nearly 25 support locations and offices throughout the United States and in the Middle East and North Africa (MENA) region, China and Puerto Rico. The company also serves Central and South America, Europe and India. For more information, visit