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Our philanthropy is employee-driven

In 2006, Stellar established the Stellar Foundation to formalize our commitment to giving back to the communities we serve. The mission of the Foundation is to build communities, developing an environment that supports stronger families and promotes a cycle of giving that stretches from our backyard in Jacksonville to communities around the world. Our philanthropy is employee-driven.

Employees form the heart of the Foundation, donating their time, talent and energy for a multitude of worthwhile causes across the First Coast and beyond. Many of our employees serve on the boards of local nonprofits such as Community Hospice of Northeast Florida, Dreams Come True, the Sulzbacher Center and many more.

Our employees live out Stellar’s core values of trust, dedication, transparency, and accountability in everything they do, whether it’s designing and building a range of commercial, public sector or industrial facilities or hosting an annual holiday luncheon to feed the homeless.

To invest in the next generation and continue the cycle of caring, we also encourage employees to make their volunteering efforts a family affair, creating ways for their entire family to participate in giving back. We want our employees to be proud of the company they work for, and their unparalleled devotion to philanthropy makes us proud they’re working for us.

Stellar Foundation celebrates 10 years of giving back to the community.
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