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Process Safety Management (PSM) Services and Code Information

A PSM regulations overview and services that Stellar offers to assist in compliance.

Ensuring ammonia refrigeration compliance is the Stellar advantage

Industry leaders can count on Stellar for comprehensive ammonia compliance solutions, with unparalleled expertise in ammonia refrigeration and a commitment to seamless regulatory compliance with agencies like the EPA, OSHA, and DHS. Our range of services includes everything from PSM program development and digital document management to planned maintenance alerts and agency audit preparation, ensuring your business stays fully compliant with all necessary regulations.

Setting the standard for mechanical integrity with equipment inspection and maintenance

At Stellar, we're committed to setting the standard for mechanical integrity, with rigorous mechanical integrity inspections that evaluate your refrigeration system's design, installation, and maintenance practices with compliance in mind. Adhering to OSHA and IIAR standards, our comprehensive evaluations include equipment assessments, detailed documentation, non-destructive testing, and recommendations for improvement.

PSM Equipment Maintenance
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7 Keys to a Compliant PSM Training Program for Ammonia Refrigeration

Simply training your refrigeration team using generic materials is not enough. OSHA 1910.119 mandates being trained on specific equipment and processes.

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Optimized performance, enhanced safety

With our in-depth evaluations, you'll be able to optimize refrigeration system performance, ensuring both optimized performance and enhanced safety. Our expert inspections cover all aspects of equipment, piping, nameplate data, and operating conditions, providing final reports, certifications, and improvement suggestions to help your business achieve its goals.

PSM Equipment Maintenance Safety

Stellar's Standard Operating Procedures (SOP) program

Stellar's Standard Operating Procedures (SOP) program provides your team with the clarity it needs to safely and efficiently service your refrigeration equipment. Our on-site experts offer easy-to-understand instructions, complete with checklists to ensure adherence to SOP and notification of affected plant personnel, lock-out/tag-out procedures, isolation of key valves, and proper re-start procedures. Our SOP programs ensure your personnel understand compliance and execute critical tasks correctly every time, eliminating critical errors that result in loss of productivity and equipment damage.

Why Stellar?

At Stellar, we're dedicated to ensuring compliance and the success of your team, with a comprehensive range of services designed to optimize your refrigeration system's performance, enhance safety, and ensure compliance with all necessary regulations. 

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Stellar's leadership has the expertise and understanding necessary to advise you, even on the most complex challenges.

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