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Customized Utility Generation Systems

Sufficient and reliable utilities are critical to successful operation and profitability. To achieve this, Stellar’s designers develop a thorough understanding of the utility needs of each client, including the demands of the process equipment as well as those of the building infrastructure itself.

Using a highly advanced, proprietary utility management tool we developed, Stellar analyzes factors such as:

  • Total connected loads 
  • Use points
  • Diversity factors
  • Peak loads
  • Sanitation loads 
  • Steady-state loads  

Using this data, we develop appropriately sized and located utility generation systems with the appropriate redundancy levels, reserve capacity, and expandability. To enhance the present and future system functionality, we also review and optimize the following items during the detailed design phase:

  • Looped networks
  • Isolation points
  • Scope demarcation points 
  • Equipment drops
  • Food grade filters
  • Pressure relief valves (PRVs)
  • Location of primary and secondary electrical gear 
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Stellar's leadership has the expertise and understanding necessary to advise you, even on the most complex challenges.

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