Nestlé USA Frozen Foods Production

Nestlé USA opened a frozen foods manufacturing facility in Jonesboro, Arkansas, in 2003. The plant produces frozen meals under the 'Lean Cuisine' and 'Stouffer' brands. The facility covers 325,000 square feet, requires a $165 million investment, and employs 400 personnel. The plant is supported by a refrigerated warehouse and distribution center built by Millard Refrigerated Services. The warehouse provides temperature-controlled storage for ingredients and finished products. State grants funded infrastructure improvements, including wastewater treatment and road infrastructure. The engineering and construction contract was awarded to Stellar Group. The production lines utilize individual quick frozen (IQF) technology and stabilizing coatings. The meals are packaged using various formats, and the packaging process is carried out at a reduced temperature. The warehouse incorporates radio frequency scanning for inventory management. In 2006, an expansion project was announced to accommodate a new production line for hot pocket sandwiches. The facility is expected to employ over 2,100 personnel with additional expansion plans.