How To Keep Your Food Plant Construction Project On Track

In the competitive food and beverage industry, speed to market is crucial for new construction projects. To ensure success, there are five key considerations:

1. Define a clear project scope: Work closely with stakeholders to establish project goals and expectations, identify equipment manufacturers, and align throughput and production expectations with the budget and infrastructure. Building flexibility into the plant design can accommodate future changes.

2. Factor equipment installation into the budget: Besides the cost of equipment itself, consider the infrastructure needs and costs associated with installing the equipment on-site. Communicate with OEMs to understand installation requirements and budget accordingly.

3. Understand infrastructure capabilities: Assess the electrical, water, and gas needs of the facility to ensure the plant's design aligns with utility expectations. Understanding infrastructure capabilities before construction begins is crucial.

4. Factor equipment priorities into scheduling: Many processing equipment items have long lead times, so make equipment decisions early to avoid delays. Work backward from the desired operational date and allow buffer time for unforeseen delays or obstacles.

5. Set realistic expectations for commissioning times: After construction, allow sufficient time for installing, calibrating, and testing equipment, as well as training employees. Consider the impact of the project on other areas of the facility, communicate with the plant team, and plan accordingly to minimize downtime or disruptions.

By considering these factors, food and beverage companies can set themselves up for success and ensure that their construction projects stay on track.

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