Marine Corps Base Wave Attenuator & Marina

Kaneohe Bay, Hawaii
Completion Year
Wave Attenuator 08
Wave Attenuator 05
Wave Attenuator 02
Wave Attenuator 03
Wave Attenuator 04
Wave Attenuator 06
Wave Attenuator 07
Wave Attenuator 01

The project consisted of the design and construction of one concrete wave attenuator (420’ long), two new concrete piers (pier 1 – 232’ long; pier 2 – 184’ long), replacement of two (2) existing piers with two (2) aluminum floating piers (each 130’ long), new concrete piling, replacement of two (2) precast concrete boat ramps, relocation of six (6) moorings and of the coral in conflict with the new piling ramp precast areas. The new piers increased the capacity of the marina to 48 boat slips. Installation included plumbing and electrical service necessary to support the new dock box piers and access gates. The attenuator structure was needed to protect the entire marina from destructive wave energy, thereby increasing the level of safety for docked and moored boats. The attenuator also improved the support of recreational boating and fishing programs, as well as protects the outdoor recreation rental boats and work boats.

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