USCS - Medley

Medley, California
Project Size
145,000 SF
Completion Year
USCS Medley Stellar 05
USCS Medley Stellar 10
USCS Medley Stellar 07
USCS Medley Stellar 01
USCS Medley Stellar 06
USCS Medley Stellar 04
USCS Medley Stellar 03
USCS Medley Stellar 02
USCS Medley Stellar 08
USCS Medley Stellar 09

The facility consists of a dedicated -20°F freezer, convertible freezers and coolers that allow a flexible temperature range between -20° F to +35°F, and dry storage. Other areas include truck docks, a racking system, shipping doors, a battery-charging room, a machine and mechanical room, and office and welfare areas.

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Stellar treats our company like we are one of their largest customers, even though we know we’re not. They are open, honest and always supportive of our needs. This approach has fostered a true partnership between our two companies over the years.

We also value the fact that Stellar offers such a wide range of expertise under one roof, from design to construction. Stellar offers expertise in the areas of thermal design and installation, refrigeration design and installation, electrical, civil and structural design, among others. They are a true one-stop shop.

Mike Lynch, Vice President, Engineering
United States Cold Storage
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Stellar's leadership has the expertise and understanding necessary to advise you, even on the most complex challenges.

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