Bell & Evans New Expansion Announcement

JACKSONVILLE, Fla. (September 24, 2020) — Stellar, a fully integrated firm focused on design, engineering, construction and mechanical services worldwide, has begun a design-build project for premium poultry brand Bell & Evans, in Fredericksburg, Pennsylvania.

Construction of a new 411,500 square foot poultry processing facility began in March and is scheduled for completion by December 2021. “It’s an aggressive timeline, but we’re prepared to take it on given the client’s urgent need for this facility,” said Kevin Keen, Project Developer, Stellar. “Production and order forecasts are trending up, so this facility will help Bell & Evans expand production to meet that demand.”

Stellar will leverage its in-house capabilities for design, refrigeration, thermal and utilities work. Approximately 70,000 square feet of high-quality acid brick will be used for the flooring and main processing area.

“While it’s more costly and time-consuming to install, using this premium brick speaks to the Bell & Evans commitment to quality and vision for this to be a durable facility that stands the test of time,” said Keen.

The new facility will include sustainable features such as a natural ammonia refrigeration system, designed and installed by Stellar. The building will also repurpose thermal energy from the company’s nearby rendering facility to provide more eco-friendly water heating.

Stellar is coordinating with European equipment manufacturer Marel, which is supplying state-of-the-art equipment as well as process engineering for the project. The strong partnership between Marel and Bell & Evans adds maximum value to the quality of poultry processing considering the two companies share a vision for prioritizing sustainability, animal welfare and food safety. Stellar will also collaborate with CHL for the equipment installation to bring this large-scale project to life.

This is the third design-build project Stellar has performed for Bell & Evans. The firm built an award-winning packaging, storage and processing facility as well as the country’s first certified organic, animal-welfare-focused chicken hatchery at the company’s campus in Fredericksburg.

About Bell & Evans

Bell & Evans is a 5th generation family-owned business and America’s oldest branded chicken company, celebrating 125 years in business and 10 years of organic production. Bell & Evans is the industry pioneer of natural chicken Raised Without Antibiotics and has established the highest set of animal welfare standards in the industry. From their World’s First Organic Certified, Animal Welfare Focused Chicken Hatchery to Slow Induction Anesthesia and 100% Air Chill production, Bell & Evans is passionate about raising chickens responsibly using common sense practices.