Stellar Wins First-Ever DBIA Award for Bell & Evans Project

Stellar awarded with National Award of Merit in the Industrial, Process, and/or Research Category

Stellar, a leader in architecture, engineering, and construction services, has won a Design-Build Institute of America (DBIA) Award for Excellence in Design-Build for the Bell & Evans Organic Chicken Facility in Fredericksburg, Pennsylvania. “This award reflects Stellar's commitment to pushing the boundaries of innovation within the design-build realm,” said Brian Kappele, Stellar’s CEO. “The Bell & Evans project showcases Stellar's proficiency in merging design and construction to yield exceptional results while reshaping industry benchmarks.”

By using the design-build project delivery method, Stellar accelerated Bell & Evans' market entry. Unlike traditional approaches, design-build offers flexibility for real-time adjustments during design and construction. This adaptability enabled Bell & Evans to refine areas for an enhanced team experience as the facility took shape. The cutting-edge processing plant efficiently handles higher chicken processing volumes, while prioritizing employee safety. Through advanced automation, the facility operates with minimal staff, and the meticulously chosen process equipment ensures longevity and easy maintenance. These efficiencies not only drive growth but also cement the brand's expansion.

“Our strategy was a prime example of expediting a project timeline by using the design-build process," said Nathan Edwards, Stellar’s Senior Project Manager for the Bell & Evans project. "The phases were designed to provide precast vendors and joist manufacturers enough information to begin manufacturing components while our teams worked through the remaining details." Stellar prioritized sustainability throughout the plant's design, reusing energy to maximize lifecycle cost efficiency. This approach reduces operational, maintenance, and disposal expenses while contributing to environmental preservation. As a Merit Award recipient, Stellar is now a contender for DBIA's National Awards of Excellence, representing the pinnacle of recognition within categories such as industrial, process, and research.

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