3 Smart Ways To Invest In Your Food Or Beverage Facility For The Future

The article discusses the favorable climate for investing in capital expenditures in businesses, particularly in the food and beverage industry. It highlights three forward-thinking investment options:

1. Food safety enhancements and FSMA compliance: With stricter food safety standards and compliance requirements, updating facilities to meet these standards or expanding for allergen segregation can be a wise investment. Improving hygienic zoning, creating dedicated spaces for allergens, and updating flooring for efficient cleaning are potential projects to consider.

2. Incorporating robotics and automation: The decreasing cost of robotics, labor shortages, and tax incentives make it an ideal time to invest in robotics and automation. Introducing robots into the production process can improve quality, reduce labor costs, and mitigate injury risks. Many companies are using this technology alongside human employees to increase efficiency and maintain current staff.

3. Upgrading refrigeration systems: The phaseout of ozone-depleting substances and the rising costs of R22 refrigerant are motivating manufacturers to upgrade refrigeration systems. Utilizing natural refrigerants like ammonia or carbon dioxide, or adopting low-charge packaged refrigeration systems, can provide thermodynamic benefits while minimizing risks associated with ammonia. These systems are modular, self-contained, and require minimal refrigerant charge.

By investing in these areas, businesses can enhance food safety, improve operational efficiency, and adapt to changing industry demands.

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