How A Facility Assessment Helped Royal Cup Coffee Build, Expand And Renovate Efficiently

The article highlights the importance of thorough planning and facility assessment in achieving successful outcomes in greenfield and renovation projects. Using the example of Royal Cup Coffee, the premier importer and roaster of specialty coffees and fine teas, the article discusses how the company approached Stellar for cutting-edge manufacturing updates to accommodate their growing business. Stellar worked on three construction projects, including a new facility for coffee bean reception and storage, expansion of processing and distribution spaces, and renovation for SQF Level 2 certification. A facility assessment played a crucial role in identifying areas for cost savings, increased safety, streamlined production, and risk reduction. One year after completing the projects, Royal Cup has experienced significant benefits. These include improved food safety and quality control leading to certification from the Safe Quality Food Institute, enhanced facility cleanliness, improved product flow and storage flexibility, integrated software for better tracking and data collection, increased energy efficiency through thermal upgrades and LED lighting, improved work conditions including thermal comfort, indoor air quality, and visibility, and improved customer satisfaction and acquisition of new accounts. By engaging in the facility assessment process and aligning it with their strategic plan, Royal Cup achieved their project goals and ensured that Stellar's work aligned with their ambitions.

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