Construction Safety Program Management

From Architectural Design and Engineering Through Final Construction, Nothing Matters More to Stellar Than Safety

At Stellar, we place safety and quality above all else. We are your partner in ensuring safety for your staff, your guests, trade contractor staff and our staff. Although we work in a variety of industries and diverse geographic conditions, our commitment to job safety is evident on every project. Regarded as an industry leader in safety, we factor it in from day one by creating a job-specific safety plan for every project. All team members are responsible for upholding the safety standards and precautions set forth by our plans and programs. We pay close attention to project subcontractors, ensuring they comply with our safety guidelines and maintain job site integrity.

Because safety is a primary company focus, we implement best practices in behavior-based safety, and assign safety representatives to every job site for every project.

Our corporate safety objectives include:

  • Identify the risks involved in each activity we undertake and take all necessary steps to manage those risks to ensure a safe work process and environment.
  • Ensure all personnel are properly trained and competent to do their work safely.
  • Develop safe work methods and provide all necessary tools, machinery, equipment, and PPE.
  • Maintain all tools, machinery, equipment, and PPE in good repair and operating condition.
  • Comply with all federal, state, and local laws and regulations regarding safe and proper working conditions.
  • Continually improve our safety efforts by evaluating, adopting, and utilizing best safety practices.
  • Communicate with and engage our employees, encouraging them to always invest in themselves by working safely and in turn, positively influence those around them to also work safe.

Exemplary Safety Ratings

Even though our employees work in high-risk categories including roofing and welding, Stellar’s safety record is notably better than the industry average in the two primary benchmarks used to measure safety. These markers are the experience modification rate (EMR), which is applied to workers’ compensation premiums, and the OSHA recordable injury and illness incident rates (TRIR, DART, LDIR). Historically, Stellar’s EMR has resulted in a 40+% reduction in workers’ compensation premiums. Our OSHA recordable injury and illness incident rates are half that of other firms in our industry. This speaks to Stellar’s remarkable attention to safety.

Industry Accolades

We have received numerous safety awards over the years, including the construction industry’s benchmark award—the Associated Builders and Contractors’ (ABC) STEP Diamond level of achievement, the highest in the industry.

Safety is more than a company initiative. It's a commitment each of us takes personally.

Because we owe it to our families, our co-workers and our clients to ensure we all go home safely.

Safety Pledge
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