MCX Marine Mart - Miramar

Miramar, California
Project Size
8,800 SF
Completion Year
Miramar Marine Mart Stellar 02
Miramar Marine Mart Stellar 01
Miramar Marine Mart Stellar 03

Project consists of a new 8,800 SF Marine Mart adjacent to the Flight Line in the Operations, Training and Support District of MCAS Miramar. Ancillary development to support the facility includes a covered fueling island, a drive- through car wash, air/water station, shaded vacuum stations, delivery/loading area, and adequate site utilities & parking necessary to support the facility. The facility is a one-story, split-faced concrete masonry unit structure with a single-ply Thermoplastic Olefin (TPO) roof on steel joists, and a composite metal panel curved entry feature per Marine Mart standards. The facility includes three branded contract food vendors (Subway, Taco Bell and Dunkin Donuts) constructed and built-out by the vendor(s). A barber shop occupies approximately 500 SF of the Marine Mart facility. The project includes a new eight-pump (eight dual-sided multi-product dispensers) fuel island and a touch-less automatic car wash.

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