MCX Marine Mart Hawaii

Kaneohe Bay, Hawaii
Project Size
102,134 SF
Completion Year
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Awards and Recognition

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The total restoration incorporated two separate buildings and included four different phases. This design-build restoration of the entire Marine Corps Exchange (MCX) facility compiled a total of 102,134 square feet. The entire MCX is being renovated and reconstructed. This renovation is to accommodate the newest of the Marine Corps Exchange brand standards. This project also consisted of the demolition of Mokapu Mall and the expansion of the MCX into the mall area. This purpose was to create a larger scale sale for the MCX. With this expansion, we had the removal of the structural wall that separated the two spaces and installed a new steel structure. With this addition came a new steel structure to accommodate the opening that was generated. We were able to produce new telecommunication rooms and a new OSP base to the nearest manhole area. This project needed consistent coordination with the Dry Cleaners, Gun Shop, GNC store, barbershop, Vape Shop, etc. We ensured the accommodations of all needs from these separate vendors to ensure business was still in session during the renovation. Renovations to the large main entrance and veranda. The renovations include the installation of new paint, signage, tile work, storefront systems, and other enhancements.

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