Comprehensive Ammonia Compliance Solutions for Industry Leaders

Ensuring Regulatory Compliance: Your Trusted Partner for Ammonia Safety & Compliance

Count on Stellar for unparalleled expertise in ammonia refrigeration and seamless compliance with regulatory agencies like the EPA, OSHA, and DHS. Our comprehensive services include PSM program development, digital document management, planned maintenance alerts, and agency audit preparation.

Setting the Standard for Mechanical Integrity: Mechanical Integrity Inspections ensure your refrigeration system is designed, installed, and maintained with compliance in mind. Adhering to OSHA and IIAR standards, we provide comprehensive evaluations, including equipment assessment, documentation, non-destructive testing, and recommendations for improvement.

Optimized Performance, Enhanced Safety: With Stellar, you gain in-depth evaluations at regular intervals, enabling you to optimize refrigeration system performance. Our expert inspections cover equipment, piping, nameplate data, and operating conditions, and provide final reports, certifications, and improvement suggestions.

Standard Operating Procedures (SOP)

Provide your team the clarity it needs to safely service your refrigeration equipment. Stellar’s experts offer on-site Standard Operating Procedures (SOP) for safe and proper, day-to-day equipment operation and for performance of periodic major and minor maintenance activities. In addition to providing detailed operations.

Ensuring Compliance and the Success of Your Team

Stellar’s SOP programs ensure your personnel understand compliance and execute critical tasks correctly every time. This eliminates critical errors that result in loss of productivity and equipment damage. The programs include:

  • Equipment-specific training – not generalized training
  • Easy to understand instructions with checklists to ensure adherence to SOP
  • Notification of affected plant personnel
  • Lock-out/tag-out procedures
  • Isolation of key valves
  • Proper re-start procedures

7 Keys to a Compliant PSM Training Program

Process safety management (PSM) training is a must for ammonia refrigeration personnel, but generic instruction isn't enough. OSHA standards mandate these employees be trained on a facility's specific equipment and process. Review the important areas your training must cover under OSHA standard 1910.119 in this new e-book from Stellar's refrigeration and PSM experts.

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The Only SOP Partner You Need

Stellar is your single SOP solution for the entire lifetime of your equipment. We help you establish a long-term training regimen for your team. Our methods ensure strict adherence to existing and future standards from all regulating programs and agencies, including:

Get your equipment on track for long-term, compliance, and success.

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