Dakota Provisions Turkey Processing Facility

Dakota Provisions is a turkey processing facility established by Dakota Turkey Growers, a cooperative of 44 independent Hutterite turkey farmers in North Dakota, South Dakota, and Minnesota. The $45 million plant, opened in April 2007, is the first full-line turkey facility built in the US since the late 1980s. It covers a 114-acre site and has a 150,000 square foot production facility capable of processing over eight million turkeys annually. The facility employs over 300 workers and specializes in processing heavy tom turkeys. The plant features advanced food safety and processing technologies, including Controlled Atmosphere Stunning for turkey harvesting. The construction was overseen by the Stellar Group, and MetalBud-Nowiki provided the equipment. The plant received financial support from the state of South Dakota and invested $12 million from the turkey growers. Dakota Provisions aims to produce deli breasts and pre-sliced luncheon meats under its own local brand and may expand into producing natural and organic products in the future.