Piping System Beefs Up Meat Processing Plant's Refrigeration System

Polypropylene-random (PP-R) piping was successfully used in a refrigeration project at an Ohio processing plant. The project involved the use of Aquatherm Blue PipeĀ® SDR 17.6 MF, ranging from 0.75 inches to 14 inches, to carry glycol as a secondary refrigerant throughout the facility. The lightweight and prefabrication capabilities of PP-R pipe allowed for time and labor savings during installation. The pipe's light weight made it easier to support and insulate, and its heat-fused connections eliminated the need for welding, reducing labor costs and safety risks. PP-R pipe also offers longer service life, corrosion resistance, and durability compared to carbon steel piping. Overall, PP-R pipe proved to be a reliable and efficient solution for the refrigeration project.

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