Preventing Allergen Control Failures and Labeling Mistakes

The article highlights the risk of food product recalls due to the presence of undeclared allergens and misbranding. In 2017, there were 440 recalls of FDA and USDA regulated food products, with nearly half of them (218 recalls) caused by undeclared ingredients such as eggs, fish, milk, peanuts, and wheat. To reduce the risk of recalls, the article suggests several measures that businesses can implement. These include using barcode scanners and vision systems to ensure the correct packaging and ingredients are used, establishing good manufacturing practices (GMP) throughout the facility, dedicating separate production lines for allergen and non-allergen products, solidifying the chain of approvals for packaging design, and maintaining close scrutiny of ingredient suppliers. By incorporating these practices, businesses can minimize the chances of mispacks, cross-contamination, packaging errors, and supplier-related issues, ultimately reducing the likelihood of costly recalls and ensuring compliance with regulations regarding allergen labeling and product safety.

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