Q&A: Building a Baking Facility in China

China's growing population of 1.3 billion and a packaged food market worth $226 billion have attracted baking and snack manufacturers seeking global growth. However, many companies have made haphazard plans when constructing plants in China, neglecting important factors affecting construction and site design. Enrico L. Chua, an engineering manager at Stellar, emphasizes the need for a detailed feasibility study and conceptual design before opening a plant. He advises conducting thorough research, establishing site criteria, and working with real estate companies and design/engineering teams. Establishing relationships with government entities and staying updated on regulations are crucial due to China's top-down approach. Construction methods, building materials, and equipment in China differ from other countries, requiring adaptation. To find contractors aligned with their goals, businesses should create comprehensive Requests for Proposal (RFPs) and interview potential contractors. Selecting a project management team or consultant is essential for successful project execution, requiring expertise, cultural understanding, and a mix of international and Chinese team members.

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