The Benefits and Basics of Building Management Systems for Food Plants

The article discusses the importance of building management systems (BMS) in food and beverage plants for monitoring and controlling various elements of the facility. BMS can track and manage HVAC systems, lighting, plumbing, processing equipment, and security systems. Monitoring utility usage in these facilities can be done at three levels of granularity: building overall, panel level, and line-by-line. Investing in a monitoring system can provide benefits such as cost savings, sustainability, smarter growth, and proactive maintenance.

The article emphasizes that data monitoring systems, although initially costly, offer long-term value to food processors. They help reduce utility bills, improve sustainability efforts, aid in planning for expansion or new facilities, and facilitate proactive maintenance. Collecting and analyzing data can also reveal additional insights and patterns for better decision-making and predictive analytics. With the availability of Wi-Fi in more facilities, installing BMS has become easier and more cost-effective, making them prevalent in both new and existing plants.

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