What Food Manufacturers Need to Know About Generation Z

The article discusses the importance of understanding Generation Z, the demographic cohort following the Millennials, for food and beverage companies. Generation Z, born after 1996, is characterized as pragmatic, grounded, multicultural, technology-savvy, and accustomed to instant gratification. They have different expectations and preferences when it comes to food. Key insights about Generation Z include:

1. Preference for real food: Generation Z consumes organic foods and beverages at higher rates than any other group. They value the function and nutrition of food, and they tend to avoid products with artificial ingredients and GMOs.

2. Personal brand and story: Generation Z seeks out brands that align with their values and personal brand. They are more likely to post about products online and make purchasing decisions based on recommendations from influencers.

3. Value transparency: Generation Z prefers clean and transparent labels. They are skeptical of big brands and excessive label claims. They are not as brand loyal as previous generations.

4. Convenience: Generation Z prefers simple and convenient meals that match their on-the-go lifestyle. They rely on ready-to-eat snack foods and minimize meal prep time.

5. Appreciation for global flavors: Generation Z, being more diverse than previous generations, is receptive to ethnic foods, global flavors, and meals inspired by different cultures.

Understanding these preferences is crucial for food and beverage manufacturers to effectively cater to the needs and expectations of Generation Z.

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