Site Selection
Hero Site Selection

Stellar provides comprehensive site identification, evaluation and acquisition services

With a focus on maximizing efficiency, our final recommendation integrates both quantitative cost impact of locations and qualitative operating conditions that are best suited for the client’s specific goals. We perform due diligence to then initiate the purchase sale agreement, perform all environmental research, confirm zoning variance commitments and initiate infrastructure development to certify a site is suitable for the intended use.

Comprehensive research & analysis

  • Logistics modeling - we use advanced software to evaluate the critical supply chain and determine the ideal site search point and radius
  • Government incentives - we identify and offer assistance in applying for municipal incentives
  • Manufacturing considerations - we analyze labor, waste management, ingredients vendors, packaging material availability and inventory control to determine the best outcomes for our clients
  • Environmental assessment - we review any environmental monitoring procedures, identify environmental issues and request geotechnical and survey information to determine soil conditions
  • LEED and sustainability considerations - we help determine if LEED certification is relevant, factoring in proximity to public transit and wetlands, as well as availability of renewable energy sources
  • Costing - we estimate the development costs for the short list of potential sites to ensure a true and accurate comparison
Site selection criteria

All site alternatives must stack up.

Through a thorough analysis of client goals and site requirements, we take on the task of developing search criteria that incorporates current and projected site development needs, availability of utilities, access and traffic data and other parameters relevant to client operations.