Thermal/Building Envelope

Total Vapor-Barrier Integrity, Total Confidence

With cross-trained professionals averaging more than 20 years of experience, Stellar self-performs all building envelope services in close collaboration with design and construction teams. We analyze energy usage and other factors to determine the appropriate materials and techniques for maximum efficiency, cost savings, and above all, food safety.

Stellar serves these markets and industry leaders seek our building envelope services. Many of these clients have partnered with Stellar for years:

Food Supply Chain and Logistics
Public Refrigeration Warehouses
Grocery Supply Chain and Logistics
Food and Beverage

Stellar-employed field technicians

We hire and train our own technicians to achieve high-quality installation performance, superior cost efficiency and faster completion times. Our senior technicians develop advanced expertise in their disciplines, which is passed on in training newer technicians. And, our technicians are cross-trained for wall and roofing work so our crews can be flexible.

Vapor-barrier integrity

Stellar focuses on constructing a vapor barrier of uncompromising integrity. We install insulated panel walls, roofing, doors and ductwork to create an integrated structure for buildings that require temperatures as low as -40 degrees Fahrenheit.