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Poultry Processing

Bell & Evans Humane Hatchery

Fredericksburg, Pennsylvania

Discover the cutting-edge 115,000 square foot chicken hatching facility, strategically located in Fredericksburg's Bethel Township. This innovative agricultural facility is thoughtfully divided into two main sections: the egg side and the chick side, each serving a specific purpose in the hatching process. The egg side is responsible for receiving and incubating fertilized eggs, while the hatchlings are carefully transitioned to the chick side after 21 days. Here, a unique feature sets us apart from the industry norm—immediate access to food and water for the hatchlings. Once ready, these chicks are transported to nearby organic farms for organic raising.

Our commitment to employee welfare is evident in the facility's dedicated area, which includes locker rooms and break rooms to support the approximately 36 employees. As a trusted partner, Bell & Evans collaborated with Stellar for the design and construction of the building shell. The structure boasts exterior pre-cast walls and steel framing, ensuring durability and efficiency.

To achieve optimal performance, Bell & Evans also partnered with Viscon and Hatchtech for the comprehensive turnkey systems of the egg equipment. This groundbreaking facility proudly stands as the pioneering example of its kind in the United States. 

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