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The Emergency Department at UF Health/Flagler Hospital has recently transformed significantly. With a vision to create a space that is both welcoming for patients and streamlined for operational efficiency, the renovation project has successfully achieved its goals. The project scope encompassed the introduction of new casework, doors, hardware, flooring, paint, and updates to MEP/F fixtures. Moreover, the renovation ensured that all existing structures were updated to meet current codes as outlined by AHJ/AHCA, including improvements to fire safety and low voltage systems.

This extensive renovation was carried out in seven phases, a strategy that was thoughtfully developed with input from the end-users to minimize disruption to hospital operations. As a result, Flagler Hospital now boasts state-of-the-art facilities, significantly enhancing the quality of patient care and operational efficiency within the Emergency Care Center.

The renovation was not just about aesthetic enhancements but also focused on modernizing the facility and expanding its capabilities to better serve the community. By upgrading the infrastructure, improving patient flow, and integrating cutting-edge medical technologies, the hospital is poised to provide superior emergency care. This means patients can expect not only prompt and adept treatment but also a more comfortable and reassuring environment during their care.

Throughout the renovation, a total of 48 patient exam rooms, four trauma rooms, and the nurses' stations were meticulously updated. This comprehensive project underscores Flagler Hospital's commitment to delivering exceptional emergency care and meeting the evolving healthcare needs of our community.

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