Leading the Way in Industrial Facility Design and Construction

Efficiency and Excellence: Stellar's Proven Expertise in Industrial Facilities

At Stellar, we understand the immense undertaking involved in designing and constructing industrial facilities. Our expertise extends to creating facilities that prioritize efficiency and long-term ROI, incorporating high-efficiency pallet rack storage, conveyors, and top-notch material handling systems to ensure optimal performance over the years. Emphasizing sustainability, we have designed LEED-certified facilities, utilizing eco-friendly materials and methods that bring added value to our clients in terms of operational efficiency.

Though industrial facilities may not always boast eye-catching exteriors, their interior operations are characterized by complexity, requiring meticulous coordination and logistics. Our track record speaks for itself, having successfully completed more than a dozen projects totaling over $100 million for a single client, Ring Power. Our experienced professionals have designed and built multifunctional spaces, each presenting its unique set of challenges:

  • Service Bays: Equipped with large capacity bridge cranes and reinforced concrete slabs.
  • Diagnostics Areas: Outfitted with dynamometer testing equipment.
  • Paint and Blasting Booths: Featuring advanced exhaust systems.
  • Showroom Spaces: Impressive areas dedicated to the sales of heavy machinery.
  • Testing Tracks: Providing ample space for vehicle testing.
  • Fuel and Lubricant Testing Laboratories: Supporting engine wear analysis.

Stellar's proven expertise in the realm of industrial facilities has garnered recognition from Associated Builders & Contractors (ABC), who have honored us with design and construction awards, highlighting our commitment to excellence and innovation. With our unwavering dedication to delivering exceptional results, we stand poised to tackle any industrial facility project with confidence and precision.

Through the years we have found the Stellar personnel to be of the highest quality and to be very qualified in their respective positions. They perform well as a team and all have the successful completion of the job and customer satisfaction as a major objective.

The design team has always been attentive to customer requirements, and they have spent time examining the customers’ existing operations to fully understand the unique customer requirements. They are energy-conservation conscious and are helpful with suggestions for new materials.

The means and methods for accomplishing the work are always well-planned, well-supervised, and well-executed. The selection of subcontractors has always been done in a thorough manner with very capable subs placed on the job.

David Strickland
New Construction Manager

Nestlé has had an ongoing business relationship with Stellar for approximately 10 years, and they have successfully completed several major industrial design-build construction projects in various locations ranging from $1 million to $140 million in value. The projects were executed in a professional manner and were delivered within the established schedule and budget. Stellar’s professionals have the experience, knowledge and skill sets necessary to properly design and execute large projects effectively.

Renato Becker
Sr. Project Manager